About Us

Since I first started walking, I’ve been collecting—and for almost that long, I’ve been collecting vintage. After spending my career in so many facets of the fashion industry—from immersing myself in the editorial world at VOGUE magazine, to leading digital strategy for luxury accessory brands—I’ve always returned to my first love: vintage. My deep love of fashion, affinity for relics of the past, and devotion to sustainability are equally at the core of this collection. Very Breezy is an assemblage of pieces I have personally collected: fashion, jewelry, and accessories dating from Victorian times to the Aughts. I feel strongly about curating a selection of pieces that I myself would wear, each of which I’ve individually fallen for. Collecting is a love affair. Life is short; invest in what makes your heart beat faster. xo, Brie


Sustainability is central to Very Breezy’s mission. Currently, the fashion industry is single-handedly responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emission, much of that the result of pure waste: excess production, consumers purchasing fast fashion to wear once, and the like. Vintage is a small piece of the solution, but to me, it’s an important one. I hope you love the collection, and most importantly, I hope that your purchase is something you will treasure and have in your collection forever.