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Antique 19th Century Goldstone Cross

Antique 19th Century Goldstone Cross

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This antique goldstone cross was made in the 19th century, but it has a decidedly modern appeal. The cross's goldstone surface is a burnt orange color, with metallic flecks that sparkle with every movement. What is goldstone? Legend has it that goldstone was first created by accident by Italian monks in the 1600s; it's not actually a stone at all, but a type of glittering glass produced in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. It contains flecks of copper, and thus it is known for its healing properties.  Red goldstone like this is known by energy healers as a source of confidence and energy. The total drop with bale is about 3.5 cm x 2 cm wide. The bale will accomodate most chains, or you can add the one pictured. The Vintage Mary McFadden Off-the-Shoulder Dress pictured is also available.

Great antique condition; there is a minuscule chip on the backside which is not noticeable unless closely inspected, and is not visible when worn in any case. With any questions about the specific condition or size, please email for additional photos or measurements, as all sales are final.

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