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Antique Italian Hand-Carved Mother Of Pearl Gobbo Pendant

Antique Italian Hand-Carved Mother Of Pearl Gobbo Pendant

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This antique mother of pearl Gobbo charm is a powerful talisman; if you're not familiar with Gobbo charms, they are thought to offer the same protection and good luck as the ubiquitous Italian horn charms.

Il Gobbo, ("the hunchback" in Italian) was an extremely popular charm in Italy during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. He was typically depicted as a dapper little man, wearing a top hat and dress suit. In the 19th Century, a man with spinal curvature was considered a good omen; it was common for gamblers to touch their back for good luck. These charms were thought to banish malevolent forces and bring good luck, and were worn on necklaces, bracelets, and watch chains, often side by side with other charms like the Italian horn. Il Gobbo is also known in Neapolitan dialect as O’ Scartellato, a term synonymous with a harbinger of well-being. Learn more about the history of Il Gobbo.

This piece was made in Italy around the Georgian era (early 1800s). It was carved by hand of mother of pearl, which offers the most magical luminescence. It measures 1 3/8" long with the bale. The pendant is sold individually, but a chain can also be added.

Great antique condition. With any questions about the specific condition or size, please email for additional photos or measurements, as all sales are final.

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