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Antique Victorian Embellished Silk Mourning Blouse | M-L

Antique Victorian Embellished Silk Mourning Blouse | M-L

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This incredibly rare blouse was made during the Victorian era— pieces from this period are increasingly difficult to come by,  making them all the more collectible. Like in some earlier periods, the Victorians took mourning dress very seriously and would wear black for a designated period of time after the death of a loved one. But, thanks to Queen Victoria, wearing black actually became quite fashionable — after the death of her husband, she wore black for  40 years! This blouse is made of a gorgeous lustrous black silk, with iridescent tonal beading. What's important to consider is that all of this embellishment was done by hand!  When you look close and see how tiny the beads and stitches are, it's really impressive, and I love the regal design they create.  The silk is very unique— it has nearly the sheen of taffeta, but is much lighter and and more drapey, similar to silk Habotai. The blouse is finished with a covered-elastic waistband. Refer to the image where it is hanging: the strap hanging lower is going around the front of  my waist when worn, and covered by the  front of the blouse, but you could also keep it in the back so that there  would be two of these straps in the back. There is a ribbon "belt" which I've tied in a bow. It closes with hidden snaps at the shoulder.

Measurements: This will fit a variety of sizes as it can be worn a bit more oversized — or not! 
Shoulders: 16.5”
Chest: 45"
Length: 21.25"
Sleeves: 21"

Considering it's age, this piece is in fantastic vintage condition. I really cannot emphasize enough how rare and special it is to find a piece like this in wearable condition at all, and this piece is definitely wearable. It does have some tiny little pin holes to the fabric, which you can only see by holding it up to the light (the black makes it especially difficult to detect the imperfections). There is one small area at the back with just slightly more noticeable wear the fabric. With any questions about the specific condition or size, please email for additional photos or measurements, as all sales are final.

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