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Ladybugs have been considered lucky for centuries. This enameled pair has the most gorgeous detail, with subtle variations to the color heightening the three-dimensional aspect and bringing them to life. They can be purchased individually, but I love the idea of gifting one, and keeping one for yourself— the chicest "friendship necklace" imaginable! Ladybugs are symbols for good fortune across several cultures. In French they are sometimes known as bête a Bon Dieu, which literally translates to "the animal of Good God," and the Japanese, for whom they are symbolic of the afterlife, affectionately refer to them as the “red girl.” They are named "lady" after the Virgin Mary; legend has it that when pests plagued the crops of farmers during the Middle Ages, they prayed to Virgin Mary, and soon after, ladybugs appeared. (Ladybugs can drive out other insects, especially aphids in gardens.) 

The two are an identical pair, but one of them (Ladybug 2) is showing slight signs of wear so it is priced accordingly. If you refer to the last images, Ladybug 2 is on the right.

Overall they are in great vintage condition; one has some very small wear to the enamel (see above) and is priced as such; it is still in beautiful wearable condition. With any questions about the specific condition or size, please email for additional photos or measurements, as all sales are final.

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