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Vintage Sterling Silver Cornicello Italian Horn Pendant

Vintage Sterling Silver Cornicello Italian Horn Pendant

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This vintage sterling silver Italian cornicello horn pendant is a beautiful variation on the classic gold version of this amulet you see more often. An Italian cornicello is one of the most iconic charms in the history of jewelry. (Learn more about the fascinating history here.) It has been used in present-day Italy and the Mediterranean region as a symbol of good luck since the Neolithic period (3500 B.C.), and is especially prolific near Naples in the South of Italy. Its origin and meaning are dualistic, drawing its shape from two fabled good luck charms. First, a horn: a bull's horn was considered symbolic of male virility, and the horn shape has for centuries been thought to bring the wearer fertility, and general good fortune. At some point, the connection was made between the shape of a bull's horn and the shape of a chili pepper. Neapolitans began hanging garlands of red chili peppers, for good luck, and also to ward off the evil eye. In the Middle Ages, a bright red color was also considered lucky, further entwining the association between the horn, the pepper, good fortune, and protection. This well-made pendant is crafted from sterling silver. The horn itself measures 24 mm snd the total length with both bales is 3 cm. The bale is a nice size and will accomodate most chains, but you also have the option to add the chain pictured.  There are some tiny hallmarks but they are a bit worn, making them indiscernible. 

Great vintage condition. With any questions about the specific condition or size, please email for additional photos or measurements, as all sales are final.

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